Over the last five years NISE srl has developed a remarkable experience and has enjoyeda steady growth. An increase in profit and in our market share and the growing respect of our competitors are a tangible sign of our commitment.

The good results we have obtained on the market are a further incentive to face new and even more demanding challengesthat we are fully determined to win.

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Warehouse and Logistics

The warehouse staff includes 5 people who take care daily of shipping the outgoing goods to Italian and foreign clients and receiving incoming goods from providers. To make their work easier there are five vertical warehouses for the storage of goods, as well as a semi-automatic stocking area with stockpickers. Nise srl handles about 15.000 products and has an available stock of about 1,2 million pieces. Furthermore, we have the adequate tools for cutting linear guides and precision shafts used in combination with slide bushes.

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In February 2010 Nise incorporated in its structure the skills and expertise previously developed by Nitek in the sector of linear motion components.

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