Over the years, NISE has invested significantly in warehouse automaton in a constant effort to provide customers outstanding service. Today our warehouse has a fast-picking area equipped with ten Modula vertical storage units that are fully integrated with SAP ERP and can store an average of 30,000 products, corresponding to 2.5 million units. A second stocking area is specifically dedicated to large bearings and pallets and is equipped with semi-automatic stock pickers.

Grinding and cutting centre

NISE now has a production department entirely dedicated to linear motion products and equipped with top-quality tools, three cutting lines, one manual and two automatic, and a precision grinding machine. This area can count on 3 automated vertical warehouses designed to store linear guideways, recirculating ball screws and precision shafts with a maximum length of 6000 mm, as well as a wide inventory of linear ball bearings and bushings.
NISE can provide from stock all types of rails ranging from size 5 to 55 combined with a wide selection of blocks, including stainless steel and anti-corrosion Raydent coated variants.