It was a particularly positive year for NISE.
The consequences of the war in Ukrain and, more in general, of the trade conflict between Russia and the U.S. dd not have an impact on the development of our company.
We started an investment plan for sustainability, investing on a new photovoltaic system that allows us to produce and consume clean energy autonomously, as well as on updating all of our heating, air conditioning and lighting systems. At the same time, we installed six new automatic warehouses managed trough our EDP/SAP system to store about 160 tonnes of products.

By the end of 2022 NISE improved across all the financial parameters and the financial year was closed with 13,10 Mio Euro.


After every thunderstorm, the sun will always shine again. This year was a golden year, the best until now. Investments for storage and processing equipment were made around 500K euros. The DRIVE Technologies Division was created for the launch of new transmission products:  armonic and planetary gearboxes without axial play, rack and Precision pinion, plus a new selection of Linear Guides we called NITEK-H. The final turnover was 10,45M euros.


It was the first year of the Sars-Cov 2019 pandemic.
The annual turnover was notched by the fact that the whole industry had to operate within the limits of the lockdown, almost exclusively in smart working and with many workers living on payroll subsidies.
It was a difficult year that put every company to the test.
NISE has thankfully never closed the business nor had to get any economical benefit from the state.
It was a profitable year, despite the general situation.


This was a year of financial and operational consolidation, and not big changes were made. In the second semester there was a reduction of incomes due to the Automotive trade (and subsequently to all industries that operated mostly in this range of business) crisis, especially because of  the trade war between USA and China.


It has been the most rewarding year since NISE was founded. While the group’s turnover and customer base increases, investments are made to expand the inventory and variety of linear motion products available for sale, concentrating particularly on the WON range, since the company has now become the exclusive distributor of the brand on the Italian market. A new automatic cutting line for linear guideways is added to the two lines that were already in use. The warehouse layout is completely reorganized and a new Modula automated vertical lift is installed to store rails. As far as rotary motion products are concerned, the available stock is increased, with a particular focus on long-standing brands like NTN as well as on more recently acquired brands like SYI, given that NISE has an exclusive partnership with the Taiwanese manufacturer to sell its needle roller bearing range on the European market.


NITEK Mechatronics division is sold to NILAB GmbH.  Exclusive agreements are signed with WON ST CO.LTD, a South Korean manufacturer of linear guideways and linear motion components, and San Yun Industrial Company Ltd, a well-established Taiwanese producer of high quality needle roller bearings, for the distribution of Won and SYI products respectively on the Italian and the European market. NISE becomes a shareholder of SYI Europe.

A deal is reached with National Engineering Industries, the largest Indian bearing manufacturer, for the exclusive sale of NBC products to major OEM customers.


A new automatic cutting line for linear guides and shafts is installed and one more automated vertical warehouse is added to store rails and blocks.The new “Series S” line of low-noise, low-friction guideways is developed to be introduced into the market in 2017. Our sales and after sales service is increasingly focused on tailoring our products to specific applications.


The company’s headquarters relocate in via del Campo n.3 and now cover a 3000 m2 operating area. A new logistics department is created. Three new vertical warehouses are installed and the whole warehouse is mapped with a view to implementing a barcode system. As our production of tubular linear motors doubles, three separate business units are set up for Rotary Motion Products, Linear Motion Products and Mechatronics.


Further expansion of our product range with the addition of sliding bearings, spherical plain bearings and rod ends. Collaboration agreement with a leading Taiwanese group to distribute state-of-the art linear guideways and recirculating ball screws. As a result, a new series of recirculating ball screws is introduced into the market. New stock of DPI products includes bearings and bearing units.


Extension of our range of linear motion components to include rolled ball screws and precision recirculating ball screws. Launch of a new production line of self-lubricating composite plain bearings. New collaboration agreement for the production of spherical plain bearings and rod ends. New exclusive agreement for the distribution of DPI products. Development by NITEK division of three new Delta robots, a rotary-linear motor and a 2D pick & place unit. Enhancement of the previous linear motor quality testing system with the incorporation of two new test stations. Creation of MAKE + MOVE business network. This network will allow NISE to offer a comprehensive portfolio of automation solutions including high-performance programmable control systems, such as the PLC/CNC/HMI line, brushless and torque motors, drivers, belt and ball screw driven linear modules and aluminum alloy structural elements. Production of a new line of linear ball bushings with radial lubrication holes complete with housing units and the related accessories under the brand name NITEK, that has now been registered. Optimization of our warehouse flow analysis and inventory management methods through the implementation of the MPR (Material Requirement Planning) function in SAP ERP system. Improvement of our external sales service. The company participates in SPS Exhibition in Parma, Italy, Nuremberg, Germany, and Guangzhou, China.

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NITEK division doubles its turnover with the extension of its product range. Innovation patents on tubular linear motors are filed and a new production line is designed and developed at the company headquarters in Calderara di Reno, Italy. An exclusive commercial agreement is signed with Gulf Worldwide Distribution FZE for the sale of DPI bearings on the Italian market. As our range of linear motion products expands with the addition of two new sizes of recirculating ball linear guideways, our firm secures a deal with a leading international group for the supply of linear motors. A multifunction test station for linear motors is implemented and the first prototypes of 3D e 2D pick & place robots are assembled. The company takes part in the SPS Exhibition in Parma, Italy, and Nuremberg, Germany.


Installation of a new vertical warehouse. Enhancement of our sale and distribution network on foreign markets through the creation of a dedicated team. Increase in our inventory of linear guideways. Improvement of our custom care and after-sales service with the incorporation of a new sales and linear motion product manager for the Italian market. Joint-venture with a renowned Taiwanese company for the production of linear guideways under the brand name NITEK.


In order enhance efficiency, 4 new vertical warehouses are installed, one of which is specifically designed for linear guideways and shafts. An exclusive agreement is signed with SYI – Taiwan, a large manufacturer of quality needle roller bearings. A new range of linear modules with toothed belt drive is developed and produced. The first prototypes of the Green Drive (GD) tubular linear motor are created with a view to launching the product onto the market in 2011. A position feedback system (HSB) for lroncore linear motors is also developed.


Expansion of our range of products for linear motion. After the incorporation of NITEK srl, a firm specializing in linear motors, a new mechatronics division is created. The division works closely with automatic machinery manufacturers and with leading companies such as Schneider Electric-ELAU Packaging Solution (www.elau.de) and B&R Automation (www.br-automation.com).

At the same time, a new collaboration with PMI-AMT Taiwan (www.pmiamt.com) begins for the distribution of recirculating ball screws, actuators and linear guideways. During the year, the company gradually becomes a family business: Sandro Gavesi’s children, Marco and Francesca join the group and now represent its future and continuity.

2009 is a difficult year for many companies in this sector. Thanks to its dynamism, however, NISE proves able to face the new challenges. By investing in research and development and in resource optimization, the firm manages to grow and create new opportunities for development both in strategic areas (through the distribution of standard motion transmission components) and in high technology sectors (through the design and distribution of Direct Drive solutions and automation components). To offer a better service, in the same period the group extends its portfolio of products, starting new collaborations with the best manufacturers on the market and providing application-focused solutions.


Agreement with a leading Japanese group for the production of linear motors. Creation of the R&D team tasked with carrying out research and developing feedback systems for linear motors. The company exhibits at the Mec for Pack trade fair in Bologna, Italy.


Beginning of our collaboration with NACHI (www.nachi.com), the fourth biggest bearing manufacturer In Japan, in an effort to continue offering our customers new high quality products.

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Beginning of our commercial relationship with National Engineering Industries (NBC, www.neibearing.com), an Indian firm that has a technical collaboration with NTN. Exclusive agreement for the distribution of NBC products on the Italian market.


UNI EN ISO 9001:2000-ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification from DNV Det Norske Veritas. Implementation and consolidation of our commercial and distributor network. Exclusive agreement with KSM Japan (www.minamiguchi-bearings.com) for the Italian market.


First year of activity, installation of SAP Business Management software, installation of new automated warehouses. Increase in the stock of NTN products available for sale to a total worth of 5.5 million Euros.


NISE Srl is established at the end of 2003, when Sandro Gavesi becomes President, after the acquisition of a branch of the company he majorly owned. The previous collaboration with suppliers such as NTN (www.ntn.co.jp) and Nippon Bearing (www.nb-linear.co.jp), which had started in 1991, has continued and developed through the years. This has assured clients and suppliers continuity of service and expertise.