A ball  spline  is  designed to  use the  friction force  through  the  contact  of  steel  balls  within  the  spline  nut  and  the  grooves  on the spline shaft.  Its angular contact design gives the spline shaft high sensitivity and extreme high load carrying capacity. Thanks to this design, ball splines perform well in environments subject to vibrations and impact loads or in applications that require high-speed movement or a high level of positioning accuracy. In addition, when used as an alternative to linear bushings, they achieve a load capacity up to 10 times greater than the linear bushings with the same shaft diameter, even if they are more compact. Shafts can have two or four grooves, adaptable to different applications, while nuts can be hexagonal, round or square.

To sum up, durability and reliability are the reasons for choosing our range of ball splines.