NTN long-life TAB and ETA bearings are able to withstand harsh environments and load conditions. They were developed using new materials and a special heat treatment in order to satisfy the recent demand for longer life and more compact equipment. These bearings even last longer than the TMB (deep groove ball bearings) and ET (tapered roller bearings) bearings of NTN preceding long-life series. They offer excellent cost performance by enhancing equipment reliability and are ideal for applications that demand long life and compactness, such as automobile transmissions and differential pinions, because they are more resistant to peeling caused by lack of lubrication. In particular, TAB bearings offer five times longer peeling life than the standard type, and ETA bearings offer eight times longer peeling life.
Other NTN special application bearings are designed for special environments and include ultra-clean vacuum bearings, integrated sensor bearings, rubber-coated bearings.