The machined ring of this bearing type contains needle rollers and a cage. The outer ring and the needle rollers are inseparable from each other by means of double-side ribs on the outer ring or side plates. These machined ring needle roller bearings are available in two types – one without inner ring and another with inner ring – considering the case of using a shaft as the direct raceway surface without using inner ring. A separable type is also available, in which the machined ring has no rib or side plate and, hence, the outer ring and the needle roller and cage assembly are separable from each other. This construction makes mounting easier. Furthermore, clearance-adjustable needle roller bearings can be provided. In this case, the outer ring raceway diameter is reduced by clamping the outer ring axially, which then reduces the roller assembly bore diameter. Axial clamping force on the bearing can be adjusted to alter the reduction on outer ring raceway diameter. NTN offers two variants with and without inner ring.