Tapered roller bearings are designed so the inner/outer ring raceway and apex of the tapered rollers intersect at one point on the bearing centerline. By receiving combined load from inner and outer ring, the rollers are pushed against the inner ring rib and roll guided with rib.

Induced force is produced in the axial direction when a radial load is applied, so it must be handled by using a pair of bearings. The inner ring with rollers and outer ring come apart, thus facilitating mounting with clearance or preload. Assembled clearance is however hard to manage and requires special attention. Tapered roller bearings are capable of supporting large loads in both the axial and radial directions. NTN tapered roller bearings can be distinguished as follows:

bearings with 4T-, ET-, T- and U attached to the name conform to ISO and JIS standards for sub-unit dimensions (nominal contact angle, nominal small end diameter of outer ring) and are internationally interchangeable.

– bearings with the prefixes  “ETA-” or “ECO” are made of steel and designed for longer life.